We try to serve and find a business marketing solution for each and every professional in weddings and events, regardless how big or small your company may be, either you are a wedding and event hotel from a big worldwide hotel chain or a privately owned villa in Tuscany.
Therefore, we can offer you our wedding and event business consulting and marketing services as a package or each service separately.

Marketing Audit of Your Business

Starts from 1500 EURO
(one-time payment)
1-3 months service duration depending on the goals and quantity of information to be processed
This is an analysis of your business, methods of your promotion, ways of presenting yourself to customers, your business goals, your target audience.
As a result of this service, you will receive recommendations on where and what needs to be changed or improved in your business in order to achieve desired results. In case you do not have final goals and a clear picture of your ideal target audience, you will also receive this information as a result of this Audit. Thanks to the Audit, the reasons why you still cannot achieve your goals will be found.

You can implement all the recommendations (given by us during the Audit) by yourself, reach out to another agency, or continue with us for Separate Services and/or an Outsourced Marketing Program in which you will receive not only a developed for you and partially implemented strategy, but also business consulting.

Outsourced Marketing

Starts from 1500 EURO/month
6-12 months contract duration depending on the set up goals and general amount of work
It is like your own remote marketing team. In this type of service you get a full package of marketing (strategic, operational, creative) & sales services which includes:
- Marketing audit of your business

- Marketing & sales strategy creation, based on Audit results

- Implementation of strategy

- Permanent business consulting

Separate services

List of our separate services